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Hotel Sun Rise

(505) 2572 5035
(505) 8410 5197

Size:11 rooms
Region: Laguna de Perlas


  • Water tank
  • Generator
  • Internet
  • Open 24/7
  • Private Parking


  • Bar
  • ATM
  • Lagoon
  • Transport terminal
  • Small Grocery Shop(s)
  • Restaurants

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Hotel Sun Rise offers double and single rooms available with air conditioning or fan. It also offers 8 kayaks to explore the Pearl Lagoon. Tours to the Pearl Cays, the communities and rivers can be arranged here.

Located in the North of the town, it is just 600 meters away from the municipal pier. You can find restaurants, public buildings and utilities, shop and ATM. Although the hotel does not offer meal service, just in front of it there is an eating-house available.

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Type Hostel

Surroundings Urban

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