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Hotel Los Volcanes

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Overall rating **

Service *

Room comfort ***

Cleanliness ***

Location ***

Value for money *

El peor servicio al cliente

Hola a todos !!! si quieres un buen servicio al cliente por favor evitar este hotel. Reservé este hotel para mis padres mayores pensando que iban a ser tratados con respeto y que disfrutaran de su estancia, pero en vez de eso, fue todo lo contrario.

Cuando mis padres se fueron a desayunar (que está incluido) no fueron tratados como si hubieran sido huespedes del, al contrario como si se hubieran colado. Elu servidor en el restaurante fue muy grosero y en vez de decir Buenos días !!! dijo; "¿Están alojados en el hotel" no es lo que se dijo, es la forma en que lo dijo. Qué tipo de servicio al cliente es esa? y qué tipo de respeto es la que le demuestran al huesped? especialmente de la tercera edad. Mis padres querían un pedazo extra de pan y por eso cobraron 72 córdobas el equivalente a 2,67 dólares por lo que su desayuno no fue gratis, tenga cuidado con lo que pides, compruebe de antemano a lo que tiene derecho a tener.

Me temo que por las acciones de su empleado es que ustedes están recibiendo esta opinión de mí persona. Mi pregunta al Mesero sería. ¿Le hubiera tratado a mis padres, si éllos hubieran estado hablando en un idioma diferente? Mis padres son de Nicaragua y es triste decir que fueron tratados como criminales en su propio país.

Me gustaria mucho que el manager capacitara a su personal sobre cómo tratar a un cliente sin importar la edad y la etnia y que seleccione bien a quien va a emplear en su hotel. También me gustaría que el gerente pudiera tener una platica con el mesero. Lástima que mi mamá no pudo obtener su nombre.

¿Ustedes pienan que mis padres o yo nos quedariamos en este hotel otra ves? que creen ustedes? usted lo haria si trataran a sus padres de esa manera?

March 26, 2015
Edmonton, AB. Canada

Mar 26, 2015

Overall rating *

Service *

Room comfort ***

Cleanliness ***

Location ***

Value for money *

Worst customer service experience ever!!!/

Hello everyone!!! if you want a good customer service please avoid this hotel. I booked this hotel for my senior parents thinking that they would be treated with respect and they would enjoyed their stays but instead it was the opposite.

When my parents went for their breakfast ( which is included) there were treated as if they had entered the restaurant without being guests in the hotel. Their server at the restaurant was rude and instead of saying Good morning!!! he said; "ARE YOU GUYS STAYING AT THE HOTEL" it is not what it was said, is how he said it. what kind of customer service is that? and what kind of respect do you show to your guest? specially seniors. Then my parents wanted an extra slice of bread and for that they got charged 72 Cordobas the equivalent to $2.67 US so their breakfast was not free, becareful what you ask for, check in advance what you are entitled to have.

I am afraid that by the actions of your employee you guys are getting this review from myself. My question to the server would be. Would you have treated my parents different if they were speaking in a different language or look like a tourist? My parents are Nicaraguan and it is sad to say that they were treated like criminals in their own country.

I would really like management to train their staff on how to treat a customer regardless of age and ethnicity. I would also like the manager to have a talk with the server. Too bad my mom could not get his name.

You would also get a review from me in Spanish just to make sure locals can read this review as well.

Will Parents or I stay in this hotel again? well take a good guess, Would I?

Mar 26, 2015

James: The hotel is nice and clean. While we didn't have hit water, it didn't spoil the week. We stayed with a larger group and all had cash and credit cards stolen from our room while eating at the restaurant only feet away. Doors were locked and staff was suspected. Sorry, we will never come back.

Jul 15, 2013

Milly : I was very skeptic about staying here because is about 10 minutes from the center of the city, but i was very surprised. I love our room and the people are so nice. The restaurant at the location serves the best food. I would stay here again.

May 30, 2011

Butch: I have stayed at Los Volcanes on about 6 occasions, and it has always been a pleasure. The service is always great, and they go out there way for groups and meetings. On one occasion when leaving the cashier made a two decimal error in my credit card charge, which made a $14 charge $1400. When they discovered the mistake, they contacted me in Managua, made arrangements to get my card in order to cancel and correct the charge, and returned my card to Managua, a 3 hour trip each way. That was honesty and service. Accommodations are not 5-star, but more than adequate, especially for the price. Going back soon!

Feb 16, 2011

Rita Tipton: I want to thank you for your great accomodations during my stay at the hotel with the group GO International March 21-25 '09. (I think those were the dates) It is a beautiful hotel and everyone was so pleasant and helpful.
If GO plans another mission trip,I'll will be back!

Sincerely ,
Rita Tipton

LaGrange,KY USA

Apr 05, 2009

adriana: visited at the hotal about one year ago my parents were planning to have theri wedding reception there **food was ok** the reception room kinda small n the restaurant i felt as if i was in a sauna n all the peole inside the room dint help

Aug 21, 2007