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About Us is the principal product of the company ViAmerica. ViAmerica is a corporation set up with Nicaraguan and Dutch capital, operating from Managua, Nicaragua.

The main executives of ViAmerica are professionals in fields of communication, IT, and tourism. The ViaNica portal has alliances with the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, with the entrepreneurial tourism chambers, and universities working in the same field. ViaNica focuses at offering verified, truthful information, and the news are dedicated to inform the touristic reality of Nicaragua.

With interactive instruments like the comments section, news section, monthly specials, free e-cards, and the weekly calendar, ViaNica consolidates an innovative leader position in the tourism community of Nicaragua and the world.

Vision: ViAmerica is the most versatile and ample source of information about tourism for Nicaragua, enabling tourists to get to know Nicaragua and enjoy the country. The company contributes to the tourism sector development and it has an open attitude toward all kinds of tourism developments, with criterias concerning social and environmental sustainability.

Mission: ViAmerica is a facilitator of the tourism market, offering visitors and operators to bring together supply and demand using high-end technology. The company is committed to develop quality products that are socially and environmentally sustainable, servicing different expressions of tourism.