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A mountainous landscape and a lot of cattle. The center of this municipality is the city of Camoapa, which is considered the second most important in the department. There are various workshops that produce leather, metal and 'pita' fiber pieces (pita hats were famous in the past). Camoapa also has interesting archeological sites, such as the ruins of the original city, the Salinas caves and the diverse rock art in Piedra Pintada.

Getting There

There are several ways to get to Camoapa. One is by taking the paved road that connects this municipality with the city of Boaco. Also, there is another road in the Managua - El Rama highway (West) that takes you to San Lorenzo and Tecolostote. The third way is to take a dirt road coming from the town of Comalapa (Chontales). You can also take buses traveling to Boaco and Managua at the Mayoreo bus station.