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San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is the only municipality in Boaco that has a coastline on Lake Nicaragua. San Lorenzo, the capital city, and Tecolostote are the two major towns. Agriculture and livestock prevail within this territory of several hills and mountains. One of the most interesting destinations is the 'monolito de Quizaltepe' or 'Cuisaltepe', where tourists will find waterholes, caves and mineral deposits.

Getting There

You can get here by taking the Managua - El Rama highway. Once you reach the 74 Km, you will see a secondary road that will take you to San Lorenzo after three kilometers. The other town, Tecolote, is on the main road to El Rama. You will find buses traveling to Boaco and Managua in both towns (El Mayoreo bus station) and in Tecolostote there is a bus to the city of Juigalpa.