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The dynamic city of Jinotepe is the capital of this municipality and the department of Carazo. A neocolonial center, hotels, restaurants, bars and one club are some of its attractions. Moreover, Jinotepe has a coastline on the Pacific Ocean, in addition to a frequently visited amusement park.


The Santiago Church, located in front of the central park, is one of the most emblematic buildings of Jinotepe. Here, visitors will find a great ambiance to walk around, several restaurants, comfortable hotels and ice cream places where you will taste the renowned "helado jinotepino". The city also has bars and a small club.

During the day, Jinotepe is very dynamic not only for its business environment, but also for its campus life. Nevertheless, most of the nights are quiet, except for some hectic areas.

The religious festivities of this municipality are held in July. The most remarkable day is the 25th, which is dedicated to the patron saint: Santiago. Massive religious activities, as well as equestrian parades and popular parties, are celebrated for several days.

One kilometer away from Jinotepe, tourists will find an amusement park called "Hertylandia". Pools, games for kids and race cars are some of its attractions. This place is frequently visited by inhabitants of this department. It is, perhaps, the largest amusement park in the country.

The beaches of Huehuete and Tulipapa are also tourist destinations in this municipality. Their sandy beaches with rock formations are occupied by hundreds of summer houses which are mainly owned by inhabitants of Carazo. Furthermore, tourists will find restaurants, bars and small lodging options in the area. These beaches are often visited during national holidays.

Getting There

Jinotepe is crossed by the Panamerican Highway. When in Managua, you can get here by taking the Carretera Sur and after passing the city of Diriamba. Since it is located 45 kilometers from the capitol city, it will take you less than an hour to get here. There are buses frequently traveling to Jinotepe from the UCA bus station and the Israel Lewites market.

The city is also situated 3 kilometers away from Diriamba, and you can get there by taking a cab or a bus. Jinotepe also has connecting routes (and buses) to Rivas, Nandaime, Granada and several cities of the department of Masaya.