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San Marcos

The youthful ambiance of the urban center of San Marcos is related to the presence of an international university. The city center, which has a neocolonial architectural style, has several restaurants and some lodging options. During its traditional festivities, April 24th and 25th, one can observe many folkloric dances. There are various ecotourism sites in this municipality, where the main agricultural product is coffee.


Getting There

San Marcos is very accessible due to the many roads that cross its urban center. From Managua, you can get here by taking the Carretera Sur (45 kilometers) and turning East after reaching a fork called Las Esquinas. Another way to get here is by taking the Ticuantepe - La Concepcion road (36 kilometers). There are also buses traveling to San Marcos at the UCA bus station and at the Israel Lewites Market.

Furthermore, you can get to San Marcos if you are passing by Masaya. Take the road that comes from Catarina and passes by the city of Niquinohomo and Masatepe. There are buses and taxes in either of the two cities.

San Marcos is only 5 kilometers away from Jinotepe. You will find buses and taxis traveling between the two cities very frequently.