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Although most of the land in this municipality are plains, with abundant reeds and other crops, there are a few rarely visited attractions: the slopes of the volcanic complex of Los Maribios (North) and the beaches of the Pacific Ocean (Southeast). Its center is the small city of Chichigalpa, which celebrates its religious festivities in honor of the 'Virgen de la Candelaria' each February 3rd. Also, there are three interesting sites: the Ingenio San Antonio, where the sugar cane is industrially processed, the National Liquor Company, where the famous Ron Flor the Caña is produced and the Tour Flor de Caña.


Getting There

You get to the center of the city of Chichigalpa by a good road (3 kilometers) that connects it with the Leon-Chinandega highway. In this connection there is always public transportation (caponera and moto-taxis) that will take you to the city. There are frequent buses that make the connection to Chinandega. Some of them also travel to Leon.

The city of Managua is located 130 kilometers away from Chichigalpa. There are direct buses leaving to this city at the Israel Lewites Market. It is also possible make a stopover in Leon, or take a direct bus to Chinandega, get off at the joint near Chichigalpa and take public transportation to this city.