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El Realejo

The doña Paula estuary, the rarely known beaches of the area and some hills are the main attractions of this historical municipality. Throughout the small, calm urban area, visitors will find colonial architectural remains such as the ruins of the San Francisco Convent and the Santiago church, which were built during the Spanish occupation. The municipal government's building also has a collection of antique objects.

Getting There

While driving in direction to Corinto from the city of Chinandega, you will find a road (1 kilometer) just before getting to the community of Paso Caballos, heading to El Realejo. It is also possible to get to Corinto through the estuary of Doña Paula. Also, there are buses traveling to El Realejo from the cities of Corinto and Chinandega, but these are less frequent. Another option is to take a bus heading either to Chinandega or Corinto, getting off and walking to the urban center.

Since Managua is 140 kilometers away, you first have to get to Chinandega. Once there, take the roundabout and turn left in direction to Corinto. There is a sign indicating the road to El Realejo. It is also possible to take a bus at the Israel Lewites Market or making a stopover in Chinandega.