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Puerto Morazán

The large mangroves of Estero Real Natural Reserve, massively visited by seabirds, are the main attraction of this rural municipality. An interesting site in the reserve is the Manglares Altos Island. Also, there are two urban centers. One of them is the Tonalá town, capitol of the municipality, and the other one is Puerto Morazan, located in the shores of the Estero Real river. There are several shrimp companies that can be visited here. Also, the traditional festivities of the municipality are celebrated on June 27th, in honor of the 'Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro'.

Getting There

To get here, you have to take a rural road that starts in the city of El Viejo. It passes by Tonalá and ends at Puerto Morazan There are buses leaving from the second town and going to El Viejo. They pass by Tonalá.