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This town has a rural periphery of agricultural production, as well as the urban center of the town of Somotillo in which there is a dynamic commerce. Its traditional festivities, which include equestrian parades, processions and evening parties are held in honor of San Lorenzo. Somotillo is located in the border with Honduras. The customs posts of El Guasale is situated in this town.


Getting There

The city of Somotillo es connected with Chinandega thanks to the Pan American highway. If you are traveling in your own car, you must get to Chinandega's roundabout and take the highway to Somotillo (there are signs).

There are frequent buses leaving from Chinandega, which is 72 kilometers away. The city of Managua is located 206 kilometers from Somotillo, which is connected by direct buses that leave at the Israel Lewites Market. You can also make a stopover in Chinandega and then take a bus to Somotillo. The customs post of El Guasaule is 5 kilometers from this city.