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Cuá Bocay

There is a lot of jungle in the large and sparsely populated municipality of El Cuá - Bocay. Its mountainous territory is part of the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, the largest in Central America, mostly covered by rain forest and cloud forest. Furthermore, the Peñas Blancas Massif is also part of El Cuá and several tourist activities are offered here. There are other interesting natural sites, such as an area of the Kilambé Hill, the Cerro Saslaya National Park, in addition to the Bocay and Coco rivers. The capitol of the municipality is the town of El Cuá, but there are also other towns like San José de Bocay and Ayapal, smaller villages and indigenous communities such as the Mayagnas - Sumos and the Miskitos.


Getting There

The town of El Cuá is the main entrance to the municipality. It can be reached from the city of Matagalpa, after passing the towns of El Tuma and La Dalia. Another way to get there is by traveling from Jinotega and take the road to Asturias, where you will find a detour to El Cuá. Once in town, you can also continue on the same road to get to San José de Bocay, and then to Ayapal. If you want to visit the indigenous communities, you have to take a boat and travel down to the Coco River (also called Wagki) and the Bocay River.