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San Sebastián de Yalí

The municipality and the capitol of the same name are commonly known as "Yalí". Surrounded by mountains, the urban center has a pretty central park, a municipal stadium and a waterfall located nearby. Also, the territory includes many rivers and the Yali Volcano Natural Reserve. There are various festivals, but the most important one is celebrated in honor of San Sebastian by mid-January.

Getting There

Yali is connected to San Rafael del Norte through a highway. Also, there is another unpaved road that will take you to Condega (Estelí) and has a joint at the Pan American Highway after 40 kilometers.

Furthermore, there are buses traveling to San Juan del Norte. When traveling from Managua (244 kilometers away), you must get to Jinotega first, and then take a bus to San Juan del Norte. You will find buses to Yali in this city.