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Santa María de Pantasma

The municipality has mountainous areas and a large circular valley (foreigner geologist speculate that it might have been originated after the crash of some meteorite). There are many villages in this territory, which center is the town of Santa Maria de Pantasma. Many rivers cross the area, including the Pantasma River. It is also known that there are many indigenous ruins in this municipality. The religious festivities are held from May 15th to 30th, in honor of San Isidro.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Pantasma is to take the Jinotega - San Rafael del Norte highway. Shortly after leaving this first city, you must take the secondary road that goes parallel to Lake Apanas. When you arrive at the town of Asturias, continue on the same road until reaching Pantasma, which will also lead you to the town of Wiwilí, part of the neighboring municipality. In Pantasma you will also find buses heading to Jinotega and others to Wiwilí.