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The Northern department of Madriz has several natural and cultural attractions in its territory, which comprises high valleys and mountains of cool temperatures. In addition to the quite cities and towns, the region also has interesting geological formations, pine and cloud forests, rivers and productive farms, as well as craft workshops with decorative and gastronomical products.

The monumental Somoto Canyon is one of the major attractions here. Easily reachable and located near the main city, this ancient natural structure is constituted by high rock walls that run parallel to each other surrounding the Coco River (also Wangki), which also starts in this area. The site offers a beautiful setting for hiking and rappelling. Moreover, one can observe the landscape, enjoy a good swim in the river using inflatable tires or small boats.

The city of Somoto, which has a charming and peaceful center, is also a good point to start exploring the region. The city is the administrative center of the whole department. Here, one can fin hotels, bars and restaurants, in addition to a small archaeological museum located in the central park. Furthermore, the center features many places where the famous rosquilas - and other traditional biscuits - are made. Visitors can observe the whole process and also buy some of them.

On the other hand, the Southern edge has three interesting mountainous areas. The first one is San Lucas. In one of its villages, called Loma Panda, tourists will find a family workshop where several clay pieces are made. La Sabana comes next, with a portion of the Tepesomoto and La Paste natural reserve, which is also shares with the department of Esteli. Finally, Cusmapa has a workshop where handicrafts made of pine leaves are sold. It also has two viewpoints with large panoramic views of the West side of the country.

The center of the department features another two places famous for the handmade production of their small, tranquil towns. The charming Yalagüina also has several workshops that produce high quality rosquillas and other biscuits. Totogalpa, which is located North, has become famous for its creative handicrafts made of tusa (corn skin). Although, there is another workshop where art pieces made of gourd are sold.

There are many other attractive destinations and little known or unexplored in the department of Madriz, which consists of 9 municipalities. Tourism is beginning to awaken as a productive activity in the area. To the east of their territory can appreciate the simple peasant life in their villages as Palacagüina and Telpaneca. Also San Juan de Rio Coco, with its hills Quibuto and Winch, and waterfall in the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, located on the banks of the road.


  • Somoto

    The center of this municipality is the city of Somoto, which has a very quiet urban area and a small museum with Pre-Columbian pieces that were found in the area. Known as the "city of donkeys", due to the abundance of this animal in the area, Somoto is popular for its multiple and productive rosquilla (bakery) workshops. The religious sanctuary of Cacauli and the Somoto Canyon are situated in the rural area. Somoto is the capitol of the department of Madriz.

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  • Las Sabanas

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  • Palacaguina

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  • San José de Cusmapa

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  • San Juan de Río Coco

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  • San Lucas

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  • Telpaneca

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  • Totogalpa

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  • Yalaguina

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