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El Crucero

Located on the summit and slopes of the 'Sierras de Managua', this municipality is known for its cool weather, despite being in the middle of a department of warm temperatures. Its urban center is the town of El Crucero, which has a hotel, a canopy tour, many restaurants serving international food and viewpoints with panoramic views. An interesting site is the community of El Ventarron, from where one can see the ocean and feel the strong winds that do not allow anything grow except grass and a few trees. Fog is also common in the area, as well as a sulfur smell brought by the winds coming from the Masaya Volcano.

Getting There

El Crucero is crossed by the Pan American Highway, and can be reached taking the 'Carretera Sur', which starts in Managua. Actually, the last two residential areas of the periphery are located in this municipality. On private transportation, you have to take the buses that leave either at UCA or at the Israel Lewites Market. Ask the driver to drop you off at El Crucero.

Note: Not all of the buses traveling from Managua to Carazo pass by El Crucero. You should ask the driver before taking the bus.