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San Francisco Libre

Also known as San Francisco del Carnicero (former name), this remote rural municipality has many plains and hills. It is located on the Northern side of Lake Managua and also has a wide shoreline in it. There are several livestock and agricultural farms, which also preserves a wild forest partially affected by loggers. In addition to the rural town of San Francisco, which is the capitol of the community, one can find several scattered communities. The only hydro-mud therapy hospital in the countr is located near the the capitol town; it offers treatments, tours and lodging options.

Getting There

San Francisco Libre and many of its villages can be reached by a rural road that is connected with the Pan American Highway on the kilometer 41. When traveling from Managua, take the 'Carretera Norte' (Pan American) and turn left at the kilometer indicated before.

Another way to get here is by Lake Managua. There is a tourist ferry heading to San Francisco at the 'Salvador Allende' Port.