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San Rafael del Sur

The beaches of Pochomil, Masachapa and Montelimar are the main attraction of this municipality. The three of them are easily accessible and have tourist infrastructure (rustic and luxurious). The small town of San Rafael del Sur is the capitol of this municipality. This territory covers coasts, where one can find beautiful sugar cane landscapes, mountainous slopes that are also part of the 'Sierras de Managua' and some preserve inacessible forests.


Getting There

There are two ways to get to San Rafael del Sur. One is the Pan American Highway, taking a detour located South of the town of El Crucero. Once in there, you will find a road that crosses the whole municipality, going down the mountains and reaching the beaches.

The other way is by taking the 'Carretera Vieja a Leon'. You will find a detour (with signs) going South, which will lead you to a paved road that goes along the municipality of Villa El Carmen (also known as Villa Carlos Fonseca). This road also reaches a road coming from El Crucero one or two kilometers before getting to the beaches.

There are direct buses traveling to Pochomil at the Israel Lewites Market (Managua). Once in Pochomil, you can take cabs or caponeras (motorbikes) to the other beaches or the town.