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Natural landscapes, fauna, flora and archaeological remains are part of the attractions of this municipality. Visitors will find natural reserves such as El Chocoyero - El Brujo and Montibelli. Also, the National Zoo is located here, with diverse national exotic species. Its urban center is the small city of Ticuantepe, which as a nice archaeological museum and many parks. There are other villages nearby, where wide pineapple plantations can be seen. Furthermore, Ticuantepe has several restaurants, hotels and tourist centers along the highway that crosses the whole territory.



The small city of Ticuantepe has a cool weather and a tranquil atmosphere. There are three little parks with sport fields and playgrounds, outside of which one can find fruit and drinks sellers. Next to the city hall, visitors will find a museum with interesting pre-Columbian pieces.

There are many restaurants in Ticuantepe, most of them located on the outskirts of the urban center, on the highway to be more specific (going North or South). Also, a tourist center with pools and cabins is located outside the city.

El Chocoyero - El Brujo Natural Reserve is a large natural park that preserves the local flora and fauna. Its name is related to the waterfalls of the area, where hundreds of parakeets live. Also, there are several trails throughout the reserve, some of them go up to beautiful mountain summits or start in a butterfly garden. At the entrance of this park, tourists will find a visitor center, cabins and camping spaces.

Situated on another side of the municipality, the Montibelli Private Natural Reserve preserves a great part of the dry tropical forest. The reserve has an ecological shelter and a farm house where food and drinks are offered. Birdwatching and butterfly watching tours are the specialty of this place.

On the road to both of these reserves, which also crosses the rural area of the municipality, tourists can see the beautiful landscape of the pineapple plantations. One of them is located in an old farm (on the way to Montibelli), where lies a rustic hacienda. The community of La Borgoña, easily accessible from the highway, features another attraction: a wall with a natural channel and many pre-Columbian petroglyphs.

The National Zoo is also part of Ticuantepe, but is situated on another sector, following the 'Carretera a Masaya. The place houses many birds, reptiles and mammals of the country, and other exotic species from other parts of the world. There are a lot of restaurants and some tourist centers with games and pools in this section of the highway.

Getting There

Ticuanetepe can be reached by taking the 'Carretera a Masaya'. There is a roundabout located in the Km 14, from where the highway to Ticuantepe starts, passing by Ticuantepe and then heading South to La Concha (Masaya) and ending in San Marcos (Carazo).

There are taxis and 'moto-taxis' that can take you to either its center or the neighboring cities located South. Buses can also be found here, traveling to Managua, La Concha and Masaya.