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This municipality of flat lands has several attractions, such as the coasts on Lake Managua or the Tipitapa riverbanks. The San Jacinto Hacienda, an important stie during a historical important battle, features a nice museum in its interiors. The tourist center of El Trapiche, which has wide ponds surrounded by infrastructure and some restaurants, is also located here. Furthermore, the municipality is also known for its pools of thermal waters. The city of Tipitapa is the urban local center. Here, visitors will find good restaurants; some of them offer the famous 'Pescado a la Tipata', which basically consists on a boneless fish. The local festivities are held from January 6th to 30th, in honor of the 'Señor de Esquipulas' or the Black Christ.

Getting There

To get to Tipitapa, you must take the Pan American Highway, which crosses the whole municipality and goes along the Northen side of the capitol city and returns to the 'Carretera Norte'. There is a small roundabout on the outskirts of the city, from where the 'Carretera Vieja a Tipitapa' starts and leads you 'downtown'. The city is connected by buses (Mayoreo Market) to Managua and Masaya.