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The cultural attractions are the most important in this municipality. There is a great handicrafts production in the area, many folkloric manifestations such as traditional dances and picturesque processions. Its center is the dinamic city of Masaya, where visitors can find hotels, restaurants and several interesting sites like markets, crafts workshops, old churches and a fortress. Walls with petroglyphs, the Masaya Lagoon and a portion of the Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve are other attractions located in the outskirts of the city.



Masaya is very small, yet very crowded city. The historical center preserves the facades of the neocolonial houses, in addition to attractive old churches. The central park is wide, has many trees, playgrounds, benches, sidewalks and several kiosks offering national drinks, as well as national and international food. The surrounding area is quite commercial, one can find restaurants, eateries, bars, hotels and a club.

Another attractive spot is the Handicrafts Market of Masaya, located in the center, which is a block away from the central park. The place measures a whole block, it is surrounded by many walls and features diverse crafts shops and some restaurants. In addition, cultural presentations, concerts and dance performances are held every Thursday, commonly known as "Jueves de Verbena".

The Municipal Market, on the other hand, is located further East from the Handicrafts Market. This is the place where people buy perishable products, fruits, vegetables, among others, which are distributed in small, rustic shops. An interesting area is where one can find handicrafts, which are sold in a variety of styles and materials. Right behind the market, tourists will find the bus station.

The historical neighborhood of Monimbó, an old indigenous center with a community that still preserves several ancestral traditions, is situated South of the central park. Monimbó has its own authorities, such as the 'Alcalde de Vara' (mayor) and a 'Consejo de Ancianos' (Council of Elders). This neighborhood is part of the historical urban center and features a lot of art workshops.

Heading West, visitors will find Masaya's pier, which has excellent panoramic views of the lagoon and the neighboring Masaya Volcano National Park. Also, the 'Roberto Clemente' Baseball Municipal Stadium, home to the local team called 'Fieras del San Fernando', is located nearby. Furthermore, the adjacent neighborhoods are a good place to observe the making process of traditional crafts.

On top of a hill, situated near this city, lies the old Coyotepe fortress. This site was the prison and scenario of battles from different episodes of the national history. Nowadays, the place belongs to Boy Scouts Nicaragua and is available for tours.

Getting There

Masaya is well connected with the rest of the country thanks to a highway that starts in Managua and ends in Granada. There are frequent buses traveling to both cities in Masaya. One can also find public transportation to Rivas, other cities of the department and the neighboring locations of Carazo.