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The main attraction of this municipality --wich center is the town of Nandasmo-- are the crafts workshops where wooden furniture, leather objects and flowepots are produced. There is a nice viewpoint from wich you can see the Masaya Lagoon and Volcano. The rural area has some coasts in the Masaya Lagoon. The religious festivities are celebrated from January 14th to 22nd, in honor of the images of 'El Dulce Nombre de Jesús' and 'Divino Pastor'.

Getting There

Nandasmo can be reached by a 2 kilometer highway that is connected with the one coming from San Marcos to Catarina (and visceversa). The small community of Pio XII is located in a split of the highway, which has roads to Niquinohomo and Masatape. You will find motor-cabs in this area.

There are buses connecting this city with Masaya and Managau directly. You can also take the buses that travel on the main road.