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San Juan de Oriente

Crafts workshops are the major attractions of the municipality of San Juan de Oriente, where tourists can find pottery and ceramics. Throughout the village, tourists will find several shops offering decorative art pieces, either with bright or sober colors. The religious festivities of the municipality are held from July 23rd to 26th, and include the traditional dance of 'Los Chinegros'. The summit, slopes and coasts of the Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve are also an attraction.


Getting There

San Juan de Oriente is located South of Catarina. The urban center is reached after turning right at the 'Las Flores' roundabout, on the Masaya - Granada highway, and continuing South. The entrance of the village is on the right, just in front of the last houses in Catarina, which are on the left.

There are buses that connect Masaya with San Juan de Oriente. Another option is to take the buses heading to the cities of Rivas, Masaya and Managua on the main road.

Managua is located 45 kilometers from this municipality. Although there are not direct buses, you can take the ones that leave at the Roberto Huembes Market with direction to Diriá and Rivas. Due to its proximity to Catarina, anyone can take motor-cabs or caponeras when coming from the Carazo area or Masatepe.