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In addition to the peaceful ambiance of the rural areas and its only town, Esquipulas has several attractions that are not commonly visited. The territory has important rivers, mountains like the Cumaica, Peña La Luna and Cerro Santa Maria, and two lagoons: Las Piedras and La Sebadilla. The religious festivities are held from on January 14th and 15th in honor of the Black Christ (also known as Señor de Esquipulas).

Getting There

There are several entrances to the town of Esquipulas. The main one is the city of San Ramón, located 18 kilometers North and also passes through San Dionisio. Another is situated in the village of San José de los Remates (Boaco). There is another road at the Pan American highway, specifically in the Moyuá Lagoon. Public transportation to Matagalpa, Managua (105 kilometers) and Muy Muy is available here.