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Having Matagalpa as its capital city, also known as "La Perla del Septentrión", this municipality has diverse urban and natural attractions within its territory of cold mountain climate. The lively uvran center has many hotels, restaurants, bars, some tour operators, two museums and several cultural centers. The Cerro Apanante Natural Reserve is located near the city, as well as the waterfalls of the Santa Emilia River, various mountains with pine forests, coffee farms and picturesque, rural villages.



Matagalpa is built on a hilly terrain that is surrounded by mountains. The city itself is located at an elevation of around 700 meters and the climate is significantly different from the hot, tropical climate at the Pacific lowlands. Although it can also get quite hot during the dry season, Matagalpa generally enjoys lower temperatures than cities like Managua or León, and it also rains more in this region. The vegetation is consequently also different, and the area is generally very green.

With around 110,000 residents Matagalpa is a fairly large city in Nicaragua, and there are plenty hotels and restaurants in different price ranges. Although many interesting activities can be found outside the urban area, there are also several attractions within the city limits. Several small parks – often set in front of a church or cathedral – are a great place to hang out just like the Matagalpinos (inhabitants of Matagalpa) like to do, enjoying the tranquil setting and some typical Nicaraguan food, sold by street vendors around the parks. The Central Park and the Darío Park are the two most interesting sites.

Being Nicaragua’s coffee-capital, a visit to the coffee museum in Matagalpa is definitely a must. Although it is a small museum, it does offer some interesting information about the coffee production. There are photos and old tools on display, and other objects including pre-Columbian ceramics and old pictures of Matagalpa are also exhibited. More about the coffee museum can be found in our Activity Guide. There is also a museum of the founder of the Sandinista movement, Carlos Fonseca, who was born in Matagalpa.

The city is surrounded by green mountains and one of the most prominent peaks is the Cerro Buena Vista, reaching a height of 1,442 meters above sea level. The mountain chain is called Apente, and it is a protected natural reserve. The lush vegetation makes it a great place for hiking. One particular peak, called the Apente Hill (Cerro Apente) has well-prepared trails that lead to the top, and along the way visitors can see small mammals, butterflies, and other animals, as well as water streams and even waterfalls. A viewpoint is located at the summit, providing a superb view of the city of Matagalpa and its surroundings. More about hiking activities at the Apante Hill can be found in our Attractions Guide.

Getting There

One gets to Matagalpa by a road in good conditions that heads East towards the city of Matagalpa, from the city of Sebaco, located on the Pan American Highway. When in Managua, one has to take the Carretera Norte (a portion of the Pan American), and continues until reachin Sebaco. Once there, you have to take the road located on the right.

There are several daily buses leaving from the Mayoreo Market to Matagalpa. The city also has buses to Jinotega, Estelí, León, Masaya and the main urban centers of the department.