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The unexplored natural destinations of Matiguás are the main attractions of this municipality. The Cerro Kirawa Natural Reserve, in addition to other mountains like Paipi and Bijuagual, are located here. Other interesting sites are its many rivers and waterfalls of the area. The weather is slightly warmer than the average temperatures of the rest of the department. Its capitol is Matiguás, which celebrates its religious festivities on March 19th in honor of San José.

Getting There

Matiguás is reached from the city of Boaco (South) by a highway that goes through the town of Muy Muy first, and then goes through Río Blanco. It is connected with Matagalpa by Muy Muy, from where travelers continue North until reaching San Ramon. There are buses traveling directly to Boaco, Muy Muy and Rio Blanco. You can also take buses at the Mayoreo Market (Managua) heading to Rio Blanco and ask the driver to drop you off in Matiguás.