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The geography of this municipality is divided in some flat lands and large mountains. There are 12 rural villages, in addition to the capitol which is the town of Muy Muy. The inhabitants of the municipality celebrate their religious festivities on April 25th, in honor of San Benito de Palermo.


The municipality of Muy Muy is located 140 km away from Managua. The main economic activity is based on coffee production and farming.

The old town of Muy Muy was initially located in the Wanawás plain, 35 km away from its current location. In 1748 was relocated due to attacks of Miskitos and Zambos groups. During 1928, Matiguás, Río Blanco and Paiwás separate form the historic municipality of Muy Muy.

Moreover, Muy Muy also has unexplored natural attractions, such as the small canyons in the Olama River, the fumaroles at Aguas Calientes, the waterfalls in El Carnero and Esquirín and the circular wall at El Corozo (260 meters height).

Getting There

The best way to get to Muy Muy is traveling from the city of Boaco, in the neighboring department, located South. There are 140 kilometers that connect this destination with Managua. This same road connects this town with Matiguás.

Public transportation to Boaco and Matiguás can also be taken here. When in Managua, take the buses traveling to Rio Blanco at the Mayoreo Market.