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Rancho Grande

Mountains, rivers and waterfalls are the main attractions of this rural municipality. The Peñas Blancas Massif is part of its territory, which has cloud forests. Despite the fact that there is a lack of a proper tourism development, there are several interesting sites, such as the Yahoska Waterfalls, the Cerro Alegre Natural Reserve and the wooded areas of Kuskawás. El Rancho Grande, also known as Fátima, happens to be the capital town, and celebrates its religious festivities around May 13th, in honor of the 'Virgen de Fátima'.

Getting There

Rancho Grande is reachable by a 4.5 Km paved highway that connects the El Tuma - La Dalia highway and the municipality of Waslala (RAAN). The town is located 83.5 kilometers from the city of Matagalpa and 213.5 from Managua. There are buses traveling to Waslala and La Dalia. When coming from Managua, it is necessary to make a stopover at Matagalpa or Waslala, destinations that can be reached by taking a bus at the Mayoreo Market.