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San Ramón

Mountainous and predominantly rural, this municipality has mountains, an interesting waterfall, rural tourism activities inside old mines, and handmade products made by the community of El Chile as its main attractions. The town of San Ramon is the main urban center. There are several lodging options in the rural and urban area.


The indigenous community of El Chile specializes in the production of textiles. Its artisans create colorful patterns that are used to make purses, wallets and other objects that can be bought directly from the wavers. This community also produces leather handicrafts.

The natural scenario of this municipality is wonderful. The hills are covered by a dense forest that provides an ideal habitat for plants and animals, in addition to great places for climbing. For example, near El Chile, there's a hill called Cerro El Chile, where visitors can have a great view from the summit. There's also an organic coffee farm, winner of an international award, which is located 18 kilometers from San Ramon (Finca Esperanza Verde). This is a good places for hiking, birdwatching, horseback rides and other activities.

The Wabule waterfall is also located in the area, and it is just a 15 minute walk from the main road. The waterfall is a good place for swimming, since its fresh waters will give you a relaxing time.

San Ramon is appealing to many visitors because of the adventurous walks to old gold mines. In the past, these were the source of precious metals, but now its dark tunnels function as the shelters for bats. However, walking through the waters of these tunnels is truly and amazing experience, recommended by the dearest travelers.

Getting There

San Ramon is 12 kilometers from Matagalpa. The urban center is reached by a road in good conditions that starts in this city and heads towards El Tuma-La Dalia. You have to turn right in the most important split (there are signs). Follow the road and you will reach the town.

There are daily buses at the Guanuca bus terminal, in the city of Matagalpa. When in Managua, take a bus to the city of Matagalpa and then to the Guanuca station, which is where you have to take a bus to Guanuca.