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El Rama

The municipality of El Rama is located right where the Siquia, Mico and Rama rives meet. Historically, its city has helped communicating the Pacific Region with the Caribbean Sea, through the city of Bluefields. The majority of its population lives in rural communities, which are dedicated to agriculture. The religious festivities are celebrated from May 15th to 20th, in honor of San Isidro.


Getting There

El Rama is located 292 kilometers from Managua. You can find direct buses at the Mayoreo Market, which start leaving at 3:30 am. The cost of the seven hour trip (it also varies) is C$150 per person.

When traveling by private transportation, take the 'Carretera Norte' and turn right at the San Benito split. This is where the highway to Chontales begins and ends at El Rama.