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The coasts of Lake Nicaragua are the major attraction of this rural municipality. In addition to some sandy beaches, there are nice estuaries filled with nature and the silhouette of Ometepe Island's volcanoes in the horizon. Sunsets are amazing here. The San Bernardo Island are located in front of the coasts, and can be visited with a local fisherman. Furthermore, the territory - which center is the the lakeside town of Morrito, has several rivers and waterfalls.

Getting There

Morrito can be reached by land or water:

A. Land: you take the highway to San Carlos. Several kilometers after Acoyapa, you will see a detour to Morrito on the right, which is connected with it by an unpaved road. There are also buses to San Carlos.

B. Water: Although it is possible to get to San Carlos on your own boat, the most common way to travel is by doing it on a ferry that leaves at the city of Granada and has a stopover in Morrito before ending the trip in San Carlos.