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How do I know if my reservation has been made successfully?

After paying with your credit card, our system will generate a voucher that will be sent to your e-mail account. This voucher will be personal and related to your purchase: it will have its unique numbering, in addition to your name, passport ID, room and tour details, the 10% of the reservation, as well as the 90% of the total amount, which will be paid directly to your supplier. The voucher will be the evidence of your successful reservation.

Is there any chance that a hotel or tour operator does not have my reservation ready when I arrive?

Your voucher will always be the proof of your purchase for service providers. The hotels and tour operators listed on our Reservations Central are professionals concerned about the quality of the service they provide to their clients. Each of them met the standard requirements to offer an online service. They have made a commitment to ensure the services required by users.

I might stay longer once I arrived at my destination, How can I do that?

You are free to stay longer at your hotel. You only have to contact them directly and discuss the options available. This will be a separate purchase from the one you made with

What options do I have if I want to modify my reservation after making a purchase?

Our reservations are just like any other. The ideal situation would be that you are completely sure about your request when you proceed to pay for it, because the 10% of the total amount is not refundable. Nonetheless, if you want to modify something after your payment, you can still discuss your options directly with the supplier (hotel/tour operator), and verify if you can make changes on your online reservation.