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Documentaries on everyday life issues are shown on this digital platform, which contains audiovisual pieces from over 60 countries.

Metropolis is a global television show with correspondents in over 60 countries worldwide. Despite the fact that its main broadcasting source is a digital platform, it also airs some of the episodes in Nicaraguan and Belgian channels.

Metropolis has a completely different approach from conventional TV reports, since it is produced by local filmmakers who are constantly exploring their surroundings and documenting stories of everyday life in the country where they live in.

The starting point of each program are, in fact, answers to global issues. Filmmakers look for stories on topics such as homosexuality, marginalization, elderly life, among many others.

Over time, the initiative has become a space where people can analyze the similarities and differences between the cultures of an increasingly connected world. Correspondents tell the stories behind the contemporary mainstream news, a counterpart of global media.