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Latin American Spanish School

Phone (505) 2568 2158
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  • Isabella Zehentmayr wrote on Jun 9, 2014:

    'Recieved more than I bargained for!' May 2014
    My boyfriend and I did a foreign exchange program through our University in Texas. We had no idea what to expect and were so happy and suprised by what we found. We took a total of 45 hours of Spanish over a 2 1/2 week span, and made life friends with our profesoras! They are so welcoming and invite you to be apart of their lives and community. Before we left, we felt more at home than anywhere else we had ever traveled to in the past! Now, I can understand conversational Spanish and have a conversation with locals! Love this place and if you take a class in San Juan del Sur, this is the place!

  • Dara Rose Homes wrote on Nov 5, 2013:

    'Loved this School!'
    Our teachers were so helpful and made our experience really personalized and authentic! we look forward to visiting them again and writing a more detailed review real soon!;)

  • Amary wrote on Aug 12, 2013:

    Good morning!

    I am Amary Mohamed and I am planning to go to Granada to learn spanish but I would like to know if you would ease to me giving more info about the costs of familiar albergues in Granada per person

  • Dean Estrella wrote on Dec 31, 2012:

    Dean Estrella wrote:
    'Awesome Spanish School, Awesome Experience'

    I am traveling for 7 months and needed to brush up on my horrible Spanish that I had learned previously. I decided to stay two weeks in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua so that I could take some classes. I ended up at the Latin American Spanish School and I am really happy that I did! They offer one on one classes which allowed me to learn what I wanted to learn. It was really flexible and diverse. Conversation, grammar, etc. was all combined. My teacher (Silvio) was a great guy, I consider him my good friend now because we spent so much time in conversation about real life situations and experiences about ourselves. One day we went on a ¨school field trip¨, just the two of us so that I could practice my spanish outside of the school setting. That was a pretty cool experence!

    Dean Estrella, Calgary-Canadá

  • Marcia Mc Innes wrote on Dec 31, 2012:

    Marcia Mc Innes wrote:

    'A highly recommended experience'

    I highly recommend taking Spanish classes at the Latin American Spanish School. My friend and I visited many organizations offering Spanish classes before concluding that LASS was the best option. The teachers are knowledgeable and helpful, the included activities are fun and interesting, and the space is calm, cool, and relaxing. My teacher was Lucia and my friend had lessons with both Vanessa and Silvio-all were wonderful! The teachers were accommodating and helpful and the 1-on-1 teaching set-up allows you to thrive and go at your own pace. Taking classes at the Latin American Spanish School and visiting San Juan Del Sur were certainly the highlights of my entire Central America trip!

    Marcia Mc Innes
    Visitado en 2012

  • Steve Bellato wrote on Dec 31, 2012:

    'Comfortable Classroom-Great Teachers'

    Classroom setting very comfortable with views of central park from the balcony. Teachers professional and willing to help with any questions you may have whether or not they related to learning Spanish.
    My home-stay was near the school with a private room and bathroom. Family was wonderful and willing to help in any way possible. Meals are typical cuisine, if you are a picky eater you will need to make requests.

    Steve Bellato, California.E.U.A

  • S B wrote on Nov 22, 2012:

    Highly recommended. Classroom setting is comfortable with views of central park. Teachers are great and helpful with any of your needs. Home-stay comfortable and private and family was willing to do anything I needed.

  • Michael Regula wrote on Aug 30, 2012:

    "Great Experience! (ask for Vanessa)"
    mike g, Florida
    I showed up alone last fall and had a great experience, to say the least. I was able to start the day I walked in and they helped me create a schedule to accomodate my stay. It was well priced for the individual instuction I received, though they can set up any arrangement you'd like. I worked with Vanessa, who was a total life saver. She was amazing. Not only did we work in the classroom, but she took me around town to learn outside of the classroom, while also helping me get situated locally with my bills and even helped me get a cell phone set up. She also saved me when my cab crashed into a bull on the way to Managua and when I got locked out of my house! They can work with you at any level and I advice you to ask for Vanessa when you show up. ( If not her sister is great too)

  • Brigitte Van Esch wrote on Aug 30, 2012:

    ?THE best Spanish school! Highly recommended!

    "Learn Spanish and more about Nicaragua, in a nice 'Tranquilo' atmosphere. The teachers are great!
    The location is very good, and the teaching is excellent"

  • Jerry Hagan wrote on Aug 22, 2012:

    The town (and surrounding area) of San Juan is good for surfing, good food, meeting good people, and especially for learning Spanish. As for the Spanish part or it, the teachers are very nice, unbelievable patient, and easy to get along with. They really want to help you speak the language. Some speak English more than the others. My teacher, actually, spoke very little English, and I spoke very little Spanish. However, I learned an enormous amount from her. The classes/teachers are very flexible. You can learn as much or as little as you desire. I stayed with a family while I was there too, which happended to be much better than anticipated. The family stay is contracted through the school. The family stay is, also, optional. There are activities peppered into the week, during the afternoons or evenings, too. I was there for a month and was met by a friend who studied for a week. My friend said that though she (re)learned almost 2 semesters of Spanish in her 20hrs of study with this school.
    Altogether, my experience was amazing, and I learned so much! Not only are you learning a language, but you learn about the people and the culture through the eyes of a nicaraguense. All of the teachers are native to the town/area of San Juan! I found it convenient, too, that I get help around town (directions, places to go, events, goings-on, etc.) from any of the teachers. The reason I picked the school was because I received an email only one or two days after emailing them. I figured it was a school/place I could trust!

  • lisa marie wrote on Apr 27, 2012:


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The Latin American Spanish School, situated on Avenida Real, in the municipality of San Juan del Sur, offers Spanish lessons for each type of student, that is, from children to professionals, investors, travelers, among others. The local professors of this school have more than 12 years of experience in teaching the language.

The programs are divided in the following way:

  • All included program: (20 hours class, homestay and activities) US$290 per person.
  • Intensive economical program (20 hours per week) US$140 per person
  • Flexible program (15 hours per week) US$120 per person
  • Simple program (10 hours per week) US$100 per person
  • Tutorial program (per hour) US$15 per hour/per person

Note: This programs are for individual tuition (a teacher a student) and prices are for a week and per person (5 days). We have special prices per groups of student or multiple weeks lessons.

Other useful information:

  • Activities: US$35 per week (for a person and include three activities)
  • Lodging at a Nicaraguan family house: US$100 per week (for a person, seven nights, includes feeding)
  • Transportation to the airport: US$90 for one person.

Special prices for children, groups and more weeks at the school

For more information contact:

Vanessa Granados (Director)
Mobile phone: 7750 4276 (movistar)
Office: (505) 2568 2158

Mariel Estrada (Sub-director)
Mobile phone: 8787 5539