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Spanish in Matagalpa with Heysel

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  • Spanish lessons
  • Cultural/Social activities
  • Homestay



  • Jacob P wrote on Oct 31, 2023:

    My wife and I absolutely loved our time with Heysel. Starting from nothing, after two months, we were able to have full conversations in Spanish. Her style is great too because you learn Nicaraguan culture and important things along the way. It also was an incredibly fun experience.

    "There's more to language than just the words. If I only taught you how to say the words, I would still fail to teach you the important things of life of Spanish speakers."

  • Henry L Mitchell wrote on Jan 3, 2020:

    I am taking spanish with Heysel now, and she is an amazing teacher! She is very kind and patient, and has great lesson plans

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Spanish class with Heysel offers tailored language courses given by a Spanish instructor trained to tech it as a second language. Heysel has 8 years of experience and works as a freelance teacher.

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Class can be person-to-person session or online session using skype, both developed successfully. Heysel can deal with all Spanish level, from basic, middle and advanced level, to conversational session choosing social topics that could be of interest to the student.

About location
For more information about classes location, please visit Matagalpa Tours (Calle central, from the North side of Parque Darío, a block East and 20 meters North). You need to directly contact Heysel in order to organize the Spanish classes. Please, find in this page the e-mail and website for direct contact.

About classes

Spanish in Matagalpa with Heysel offers:
Spanish classes, socio-cultural activities and homestay.
Regular package includes: learning materialmaterial, practical classes and a socio-cultural activity.
Full package includes: Spanish clases, several socio-cultural activities and homestay.
Available one-to-one classes and group classes for up to 6 people.

About prices

  • Flexible pricing.
  • 10% discount for more of three hours classes.
  • Flexible pricing for package.
  • Flexible pricing for groups.
  • Flexible pricing for volunteers.