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Escuela de Español Colibrí - Matagalpa

Phone (505) 2772 0108 / 8770 3309
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  • Spanish lessons
  • Cultural/Social activities
  • Volunteer work
  • Homestay



  • Tilman wrote on Oct 11, 2012:

    Yo realmente puedo recomendar la Escuela de Español Matagalpa / Colibri!
    Estuve 4 semanas en Matagalpa aprendiendo y mejorando mi español. Tenia clases individuales de 3 horas por dia todos los dias y eso me ayudó mucho. Hablamos sobre muchissimas temas diferentes y interesantes. Hay actividades de la escuela tambien para que los estudiantes conozcan a los otros estudiantes y a las otras maestras. Hay un clima familar en la escuela. Tambien la escuela ayudará a encontrar una familia nicaraguensa para vivir.

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Colibrí Spanish School in Matagalpa offers one-on-one Spanish courses or group sessions according to your needs, including various advantages such as:

  • Matagalpa is located in the most mountainous and fresh area of Nicaragua.
  • Social and cultural activities are organized daily, like: cooking lessons, dance, hiking, yoga workshops, massages, Latin American films, among others.
  • Colibrí offers special courses for infants and brigades.
  • Matagalpa receives less tourist influx, so communication with natives are easier and you will be able to practice more your Spanish.
  • Courses for each student are planned according to their needs. The methodology used combines various activities to reinforce the knowledge process.
  • Located at the center of Nicaragua allowing to have easy access to other cities of the country.
  • Professors can introduce new materials to develop students' creativity and imagination. Colibrí is known for its good team work.
  • An unique place to learn Spanish and experience a truly cultural immersion.