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Muy mala experiencia, me robaron el teléfono a mi y a otro huesped. El staff no ayudó en nada

Very, very dissapointing hostel. I got to the hostel and stayed for 2 nights. The last day, me and my 2 friends where leaving at mid day, so we went out to the local market, that is 5 minutes away, to buy some souvenirs. We were all saying in the same room, whith just another backpacker who wasn't there at the time. The hostel was almost empty, with just the front desk lady, the mantainance guy, the laundry lady and the bartender. We left our phones charging in our room since we needed them for the road. We we came back 20 min later, my phone was gone, and the only guy in the room was the mantainance guy who saw us left, but he claimed he didn't see anything. I asked the girl in the front desk and she did nothing to help, I asked her to check the cameras but she refused. Our room was in front of the bar so I asked the bartender if he saw something, he denied. The mantainance guy looked very supcius, he was usualy going in and out of the rooms, then asking around to see if any of the other guests saw anything, another guest told me that he's phone was also stolen, taken aout of his backpack the day before. I don't want to judge, but for me it was obvious who took it, and was very disapointed that the managment, or the girl in the front desk wheren't willing to help at all. She just didn't care.

Jul 13, 2016

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Valuables not safe!

I got a significant amount of money stole from my private room while I was at the beach.

The staff didn't really do much to help me. In fact they give the impression that I was not robbed at all and was mistaken, this I am certain was not the case as I had only just been to the ATM, therfore there is no other explanation as to were my money went. I would advice them to keep spare keys in a more secure location.

Otherwise the hostel was OK, not much happening in the way of a activities. For a bit more excitement and things to do while in the hostel I would recommend looking elsewhere.

Jul 26, 2015

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Nov 23, 2013

wiilfredo Garcia: Buenos dias necesito saber si tienen espacio disponible xq somo 10 personas mi cel es 83648257 necesito contactarme con alguien del hospedaje la habitacion seria para jueve 28 y viernes 29 y sabado 30 de marzo

Mar 12, 2013