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Escuela de Español Colibrí - Matagalpa

Phone (505) 2772 0108 / 8770 3309
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  • Cursos de español
  • Actividades Culturales/Sociales
  • Trabajo Voluntario
  • Homestay

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  • Lara L escribió el Oct 25, 2012:

    People, I can tell you this is a great School!!!
    I spent 13 months in Matagalpa, working in a social project with Children. Well before I came to Nicaragua I didn't know any spanish. At the start of my year I had for one month spanish classes in this school. My teacher was very nice, talked slowly and made it easy to learn. Since i had a private lesson, i had total control of what especially I wanted to learn, what subjects we should look over or if i needed to go over some stuff. I really loved my lessons, always felt very welcomed and also enjoyed the activites that are held every week for students of the school. You can meet new people, play funny games and learn more about Nicaraguas Culture.

  • Lynn escribió el Sep 11, 2012:

    For the first six months after moving to the town, my husband and I studied at the Matagalpa Spanish School. Our teachers were dedicated professionals whose skill, patience, and appreciation of language made working with them a pleasure. The individual classes allowed us to shape our own lessons and learn in our very different styles. We highly recommend this school to anyone at any level who wants to improve their Spanish.

  • Mads Madsen escribió el Aug 31, 2012:

    I started a 5 month stay in Matagalpa with 2 weeks with the best spanish lessons I've ever had at this school! I thought I just needed a quick re-introducion to the language, but a very skilled teacher not only took my spanish to new highs but also included practise in the lessons - helping me being better at interviewing in spanish, listen to fast-talk, and understanding the local history and culture at the same time - all as part of the learning methods where the student is in the middel of everything.

    If you want a spanish school where you learn a lot, become challenged and inspired at the same time - this is the place!

  • Kristin escribió el Aug 30, 2012:

    My husband and I had a great experience at Matagalpa Tours. We were there for about a month taking classes. The teachers are vey professional and take the time to tailor the classes towards the level that you are at and then advance from there. All the host families that they work with are great and live nearby the school. Our family was particularly amazing and we still visit them whenever we are in Matagalpa. Our host mom always ate meals with us so that we could practice our Spanish at home as well. I would definitely recommend Matagalpa Tours!

  • R.K. escribió el Aug 29, 2012:

    I have returned for three summers to Matagalpa Spanish School for several weeks of lessons each time. I have also studied in Guatemala and Ecuador, and this school is the best I have ever attended. The long-term professional instructors are always friendly and keep the lessons interesting and lively. The one-on-one or small class format is ideally suited for tailoring the lessons to the level and interest of the student. The instructors are highly trained and experienced in language instruction and acquisition. The school develops and maintains its own extensive library of language learning materials and activities. The school also coordinates city tours, cooking classes, and other social activities which are especially wonderful for those traveling alone. The school is also strongly committed to the environment and equality. I would give this school my highest recommendation.

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Escuela de Español Colibrí en Matagalpa, Nicaragua ofrece clases de Español uno a uno o en grupo personalizando los programas de clases de acuerdo a las necesidades de los clientes, todo ello con varias ventajas:

  • Matagalpa está ubicada en la región más montañosa y fresca de Nicaragua.
  • Se organizan cada día Actividades Socio-culturales, tales como: Clases de cocina, danza, caminatas, talleres de yoga, masajes, cine latinoamericano, etc.
  • Colibri ofrece cursos especiales para infantes y brigadas.
  • Matagalpa es una ciudad poco turística, lo cual te facilita las oportunidades de comunicarse más con los nativos y practicar más tu Español.
  • Las clases de cada estudiante se planifican de acuerdo a sus necesidades. La metodología implementada combina diversas actividades que hacen divertido y eficaz el proceso de aprendizaje.
  • Colibrí está en el centro de Nicaragua y cuenta con fácil acceso a las diferentes ciudades del país. Basta con tomar un bus de la estación hacia donde desees ir.
  • Las profesoras reciben buenos salarios; también tienen libertad para introducir nuevos materiales didácticos que permiten desarrollar su creatividad e imaginación. Colibrí es conocida por un buen trabajo en equipo, colaboración mutua y calidez humana en nuestra interacción con los alumnos.
  • Un lugar único donde aprender Español y experimentar una verdadera inmersión cultural.