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When looking for a full Nicaragua package or just for independent Travel Services like information about special destinations or activities, accommodation, transportation or guides, Matagalpa Tours can be a great partner.

Matagalpa Tours, besides visiting the classic Nicaraguan destinations, is specialized in the unexplored Nicaragua and special activities like trekking, agro-tourism, rural community tourism, birdwatching and mountain biking.

Contact Matagalpa Tours and let them know your preferences to receive a personalized journey without any compromise.

Visit their office, souvenir store and Spanish school in the fresh Northern city of Matagalpa. Just two hours from Granada or Managua!


Trekking, Coffee tours, Agro- and Rural tourism.


Del Banpro, ½ cuadra al Este


  • Sustainable farming and Hiking in the Cloud Forest

    El Arenal Natural Reserve, is a dense cloud forest that is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna such as bromeliads, orchids, giant ferns, endangered mammals, and exotic birds.

    We start the tour at La Hammonia. This is a self-sustaining organic farm located within the reserve where coffee,...

  • Long hike in the Natural Reserve Cerro Apante

    This hike combines a variety of ecosystems, panoramic views, different types of forests and communities. If you are passionate about long hikes combined with lots of nature, this tour is what you are looking for!

    This adventurous tour is one of the Nicaragua's hidden hiking treasures. For over...

  • History, Culture and nature in the Jinotega Route

    A very cultural tour. Visit historic cities, a black pottery workshop and enjoy of authentic rural towns . A different way of seeing Nicaragua.

    We begin our tour with a visit to the charming village of San Rafael, where the national hero Augusto Sandino and Father Odorico D'Andrea, now a candidate...

  • Coffee Tour Matagalpa Farm, plantations and harvesting

    Discover the importance of coffee for the people in communities who produce it and be part of the various activities that make our coffee among the best in the world.

    During this tour we will visit a coffee cooperative where you can be part of the collection and pulping of coffee. Subsequently,...

  • Indigenous weaving workshops at the El Chile community

    The indigenous community of El Chile is a living example of the struggle for a people's cultural and historical preservation.

    Telares El Chile is a weaving workshop where a group of women have become ambassadors of one of the most representative community traditions. Here you will learn its...

  • Green Oasis of Matagalpa

    This original tour takes you by a community where products like coffee, cocoa, tropical fruits and vegetables are grown in a diversified manner. Also stay in a hotel located in the middle of the forest and enjoy a hike in the nature reserve El Arenal, where the diversity of birds, mammals and exotic...

  • Adventure in Peñas Blancas and Biosphere Reserve of Bosawas

    The Macizo Peñas Blancas is the southern border of the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve and the largest rainforest in central America. This is a package for intense hiking and pure nature lovers. This package consist in trekking through the virgin forest, steep trails and camping in the middle of...

  • The northern Ecolodges: The paradise behind the mountains

    Come and discover some of the best Ecolodges of Nicaragua, hidden behind the northern mountains. We will walk through the forest, where we will enjoy the abundant nature, waterfalls and a natural environment which is ideal for relaxing and connecting oneself with the Mother



  • Hike through Matagalpas'countryside

    Enjoy a tour full of authenticity, nature and culture in the north of Nicaragua.
    We will walk through the evergreen countryside in the north; we will get to know coffee plantations, cocoa and other crops; we will visit waterfalls and enjoy the authenticity of rural Nicaraguan families.


  • The Creation of Pinolillo and Mocha

    Cacao has a rich history in Central America. During this tour you will learn about the evolution of cacao in the history and culture of Nicaragua. Additionally, you will learn about the arrival of coffee and its economic and social impact and how to make handmade chocolates. Besides all of this, you...

  • Hiking in the nature reserve Peñas Blancas

    Peñas Blancas is the southern boundary of the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve. This is a walk in the jungle, with adventurous trails, giant trees, abundant water, impressive landscapes and all the magic of the tropical cloud forest, ideal for hikers and nature lovers.

    Day 1: The amazing Arcoiris...

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