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The experience offered by COTUCPROMA is to visit several popular or little-known tourism attraction of this Northern region in Nicaragua: Madriz. You will also enjoy an intimate contact with Nature and with local communities and their day-to-day life.

This operator has 8 tourism package developed after workshop held with local providers from the communities in each attraction.

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Community involvement has allowed to set shared quality and visitors services standards, code of conduct and fair rotation amongst community stakeholders. This way the cooperative can offer to visitors the best service possible, and unforgettable experience of real Community-based Rural Tourism.

COTUCPROMA R.L. (which means Cooperativa de turismo rural comunitario Protectores del Medio Ambiente; in English: Protectors of the Environment community-based rural tourism cooperative) is a non profit organization based in Somoto. It is oriented to offer community tourism services, while protecting and preserving the environment. The cooperative has a regional coverage, and seeks to improve the standard of living of its members, and the communities surrounding Rio Coco (river) basin affected by climate change.

The offer include several services in every attraction: lodging in family house or conditioned cabins, private transportation, sport and recreational activities with community stakeholders, as well as typical food and confectionery from the North of Nicaragua prepared for women of the communities.

As tours and services provider, the cooperative can direct its offer to individual visitors and big groups. They looks to fulfill visitors expectations, whether they are Nature and tranquility lovers, adventurers or sciences passionate.

Packages available:

Somoto Canyon: An extreme adventure.

Aguas Calientes: Humility paradigm and our people History.

Icalupe: A Cultural and Landscape destination in Northern Nicaragua.

Totogalpa: Discovering our roots.

Tepesomoto – La Patasta Reserve: Adventure among our mountains.

Las Sabanas: Among lagoons and legends.

El Castillito: The best strawberries full of culture and adventure.

El Edén: Culture and Nature from our upper valleys.


Aventura y adrenalina, Historia, Rappel, Ciencia y Naturaleza, Convivencia Comunitaria, Guías turísticos certificados - formados en Geología y Arqueología, Artesanía – Souvenires, Seguridad y Calidad.


Km 222 carretera Panamericana hacia El Espino, Contiguo a Restaurante Gallo Pinto.
Las Lomas, Somoto


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