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From its beginnings in 2002, Vapues Tours has evolved into one of Nicaragua's leading tour operators, known throughout the travel industry for its professionalism and reliability. Offering personalized travel services (including customized itineraries, day tours, transportation, accommodations, and guides), the Vapues team comes with extensive and in-depth knowledge of Nicaragua's premier destinations and lesser known regions.

Vapues' goal is to provide unique and memorable experiences tailored to each client's interests and needs. It offers a wide variety of activities including trekking, cultural tours, natural reserves, bird watching, and volunteer opportunities.

Through their passion for conversation and philanthropy, Vapues is actively developing and supporting new Nicaraguan destinations with a focus on eco and community-based tourism. It is also a certified member of the Rainforest Alliance.

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Standard Packages, Tailor Made Packages, Day Tours, Adventure, Volcano Boarding, Nature Reserves, Cultural Tours, Trekking, Bird Watching, Sustainable Tourism, Volunteer Oportunities. Languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish.


Del Restaurante La Marseillaise 1 c. al sur, ½ c. al Este .

Costado norte, Iglesia El Laborío,
Restaurante CocinArte.

Costado Sur de la Catedral.


  • León - San Jacinto Mud Fields & Tortilla Workshop

    Visitors are sure to be impressed by the incredible forces of nature present at the boiling volcanic mud fields of San Jacinto. San Jacinto is a little town about 20 kilometers northeast of León; behind the village there are fumaroles, boiling mud holes, that are connected to the Telica volcano. These...
  • León - Cerro Negro Hike

    The Cerro Negro is one of the youngest active volcanoes in the Western Hemisphere, originating in April 1850. The name means Black Hill -which is aptly chosen. The volcano is in great contrast to the surrounding green hillsides.

    Despite this volcano is only about 712 meters above sea level,...
  • Granada - City Tour

    No visit to Granada is complete without a tour of the city's historic center. Founded by the Spanish in 1524, Granada is one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas.

    On this guided tour you'll travel both on foot and in a classic horse-drawn carriage to explore key sites including...
  • León - City Walking Tour

    Explore the fascinating history of one of Nicaragua's oldest and most influential cities by foot. It is considered to be Nicaragua's historical, cultural, educational and religious capital. León was dismantled, moved, and rebuilt due to volcanic activities, ransacked (and reconstructed) by pirates,...
  • León - Cerro Negro Volcano Boarding

    This tour is not for the faint hearted!

    You will volcano board down the slopes of Cerro Negro, the youngest volcano in Central America (formed in 1850) as well as one of the most active ones- its last eruption dates from 1999. It is only about 712 meters above sea level, but the ascent is steep...

  • Granada - Las Isletas Boat Tour

    Situated at the foot of Mombacho volcano, Las Isletas consist of around 360 small forest-covered islands, formed by a volcanic eruption 20,000 years ago. You will be transferred to the harbor where you'll meet the captain and board a motor boat. During the tour, your guide will point out the exotic flora...
  • León Viejo - Walking Tour

    The first capital of Nicaragua, León Viejo (Old León), was founded in 1524 by the Spanish conquistadores, south of the Momotombo volcano. The area suffered under frequent volcanic activity and the earthquakes of 1594 and 1610. Due to the damage caused to the infrastructure and the seismic activity,...
  • León - Juan Venado Island Motorboat Tour

    Juan Venado Island is a nature reserve situated 25 minutes from León and located to the south of the beaches of Las Peñitas and Poneloya. On one side is a deserted 20 kilometer beach strip and on the other side a winding channel in the heart of a mangrove swamp. Juan Venado is well-known as a vital...
  • Mombacho Volcano - Crater Trail

    Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve is a cloud forest with a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife. A truck will carry you to the top of the volcano. After a short stop at the research station you'll explore the impressive natural surroundings on a guided hike.

    The well-kept crater trail (1.6...
  • León - Momotombo Volcano - Hike

    At 1297 meters (4255ft) above sea level and forming one of Nicaragua's most familiar landmarks, it's hard to miss this majestic volcano located on the north side of Lake Managua. Both its altitude and perfect volcanic cone make Momotombo Nicaragua's most impressive volcano. The volcano is almost perfectly...
  • León - San Cristóbal Volcano - Hike

    San Cristóbal, the highest (and also one of the most active) volcano in Nicaragua, stands symmetrically proudly at 1,745 meters (5725 ft) above sea level. The youngest volcano in San Cristóbal complex, San Cristóbal Volcano (capped by a massive 500 x 600m wide crater, 1640 x 1968 ft) is accompanied...
  • Granada - Las Isletas Bike & Boat Adventure

    Begin your adventure in Granada's Central Park and bike through the colonial city to Las Isletas. At the port we load your bike onto a boat and take off for a tour of Las Isletas.

    After the boat tour, you disembark at shipyard El Diamante, continue by bike through several small communities...
  • Mombacho Volcano - Canopy Tour

    You will enjoy views of the Mombacho Volcano and the valley of lake Nicaragua from a bird's eye perspective on this adventurous canopy tour. Zip through the treetops as you go from platform to platform (17 in total) ranging in height from 10 to 100 feet above the canopy floor.

    Each platform...
  • Granada - Las Isletas Kayak Adventure

    If you are looking for a quiet experience in the wilderness, this tour is perfect for you. As you navigate through the calm waters with your guide, be sure to keep an eye out for the different species of birds and wildlife that inhabit the lake and its surroundings. You pass by local fishing communities...
  • Mombacho Volcano - Puma Trail

    Situated in a beautiful cloud forest and home to a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife, a visit to Mombacho Volcano is a great way for any nature lover to spend the day. Drive to the top (1150 meters) of the volcano in a 4x4 vehicle. After a quick trip to the scientific station explore this impressive...
  • Masaya Volcano - Twilight Tour from Granada

    Right after sunset you'll visit Volcano Masaya National park. Wildlife is very active, nocturnal animals are waking up. You will experience the sight and sounds of the magma lake inside the crater, a unique experience you will remember forever. Take pictures or videos of yourself in this incredible...

  • Masaya Highlights: Masaya Volcano, Artisan Market & Pueblos Blancos (full day)

    Look inside an active volcano, explore a colourful market, have lunch at a crater lake and visit surrounding villages all in one day! The tour starts at Masaya Volcano National Park. Your driver brings you to the summit of the volcano, where you'll peek inside the active crater. Your next stop is Masaya´s...
  • Masaya Highlights - Masaya Volcano, Artisan Market (Half Day)

    The tour starts at Masaya Volcano National Park. Your driver will bring you to the summit of the volcano, where you can peek inside the active crater. Your next stop is Masaya´s artisan market, where you can purchase quality Nicaraguan handicrafts.

  • Ticuantepe - Montibelli Wildlife Reserve - Birdwatching Tour (from Montibelli)

    Tour through the Montebelli Wildlife Reserve where you will be able to appreciate the songs, shapes and colors of more than 168 species of birds. Depending on the seaso, you may also see the mating ceremonies and how the parents make their nests and feed their offspring.

    There are several...
  • Granada - Cocoa Farm & Las Isletas - Boat, Hike, and Horseback Tour

    Explore the diverse islands of Granada located in Lake Nicaragua, Central America's largest fresh water lake. Be amazed with the majestic views of Mombacho Volcano and the natural beauty of the area.

    The tour begins with a boat ride across Lake Cocibolca in the private nature reserve La...
  • Masaya - Noche Nicaragüense from Granada

    Nicaragua is all about traditions and visiting the Folkloric evenings on Thursday nights is a great way to become acquainted with the rich history and culture of this unique Central American country. The event is held on the old market and showcases a wide variety of traditional dances and musical performances,...
  • Granada - Las Isletas Boat Tour & Zopango Island

    Explore the flora and fauna and tranquil lifestyle of Lake Nicaragua in a silent and environmentally friendly electric boat. Depart from the marina and head out for a guided tour of Las Isletas of Granada.

    Arrive at the private island of Zopango, situated in the Asese Bay directly in front...
  • Mombacho Volcano - Coffee Farm Tour

    A real treat for coffee lovers, on this tour you'll visit the coffee plantation of Café Las Flores, idyllically located on the slopes of an inactive volcano within the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve. Here you'll learn about sustainable coffee cultivation and at the end of the tour enjoy coffee tasting...
  • Zapatera Island Tour - Full Day

    Zapatera Island is a dormant volcano with an area of 52 km2 - making it the second largest island in Lake Nicaragua after Ometepe. The island contains some of the most important pre-Columbian sites in Nicaragua. Despite its natural richness and archaeological importance the island is not frequently visited...
  • Las Isletas - Electric Boat Tour & Zopango Island (groups)

    Explore the flora and fauna and tranquil lifestyle of Lake Nicaragua in a silent and environmentally friendly electric boat. Depart from the marina and head out for a guided tour of Las Isletas of Granada. Arrive at the private island of Zopango, situated in the Asese Bay directly in front of the Mombacho...
  • Mombacho Volcano - Crater trail (groups)

    Situated in a beautiful cloud forest and home to a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife, a visit to Mombacho Volcano is a great way for any nature lover to spend the day. Mombacho is an active volcano but the last eruption occurred in 1570. The highest regions of the volcano is home to a cloud forest...
  • Leon - El Hoyo Volcano Hike

    El Hoyo is a volcanic complex consisting of several volcanic structures and is easily recognized by the huge hole located on the slope of the volcano. To begin, you are brought to the volcano's base by a four-wheel drive through the impressive volcanic chain, 'Los Maribios'. During the climb you have...

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