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Corcovado Tour in Juan Venado Island


The adventure start on the boat from Las Peñitas. We will get 14 kilometers inside the reserve. During this tour we will watch a lot of migratory and local birds among the mangrove forest.

The river will get norrow as we advance inside the reserve, which will allow us to better appreciate the fauna and flora. After 8 kilometers of tour, we will star seeing small crocodile, taking sunbath on the banks or hunting a few meters away from us. Birds quantity and crocodile size (1 or 2 meters) will increase as we advance (crocodiles are completely inoffensive to us).

We will stop a while under the forest shadow, and will enjoy tropical fruits brought by our local guide.
After exploring the core zone of the protected area, we will start the returning travel. We will stop in a rustic pier and walk to visit the Palo de Oro project installation inside the reserve. There you could ask and take luch (delicious and fresh fried fish with a natural juice, not included on the tour fee); and, if your lunch take a while to come to your table, you can take a beer in front of the beach.

We will take again the boat after visiting Palo de Oro, and will return to Las Peñitas, where the tour will end.


  • Bring water, sun block, insect repellent and bring a snack or drink.


  • Local guide with flora and fauna knowledge.
  • Transportation by boat.
  • Tropical fruits.


  • The entrance to the Reserve Isla Juan Venado for over 10 years: C$50 (Nicaraguans) and C$100 (foreigners) is not included on this tour fee.
  • Lunch and consumption in Palo de Oro center is not included neither.

Tips and Practical Information

  • Duration of tour: 5 hours.
  • Check-out time: can be between 6:00 am 7:00 am and 1:00 pm.
  • Departure place: Visitor center in Las Peñitas.
  • Arriving place: Visitor center in Las Peñitas.
  • Minimum number of people per tour: 1.
  • The maximum number of people per tour: 60.

Departure place(s)

Visitors Center in Las PeƱitas Beach.

Departure time(s)

  • 6.00 AM
  • 7.00 AM
  • 1.00 PM


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Terms and Conditions

General Conditions Palo de Oro Isla Juan Venado

Cancellation Without Penalty:
Cancellations made at leats 24 hours prior to tour day will not incur in any penalties.

Cancellation Penalties:
Cancellations made with less than 24 hours prior to tour day will be charged 50% of the total reservation amount. In case of no-use of the reserved service, 50% of the total reservation amount will be charged. These amounts will be additionals to the 10% reservation (no refundable) already payed to assure the booking.