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El Nancite trail and Loma Redonda Viewpoint


The tour starts at the ranch in San Jose farm moving in a vehicle to the second entry gate to the ruins of the old property. There the story begins hiking to Nancite trail and Loma Redonda Viewpoint.

On the trail you can enjoy a cool and pleasant climate. You can see giant forest trees, variety of plants (such as different types of orchids) and a diverse fauna such as ocelot, pacas, white-tailed fox, anteater and others. You will see panoramic views of Apoyo Lagoon, Los Pueblos Blancos plateau, the city of Nandaime and mountains.

The predominant trees are nancite, guácimo, timber and medicinal plants. There is also the special nancite and quebracho tree, whose shell is used for harness (leather tanning process). You can find fruits like breadfruit, mamey, sapodilla, mangos, bananas and others.

Hiking shoes, jeans, shirts, water and insect repellent.

  • Elevation: 650 meters
  • Climate: Semi-humid.


  • Local guide (Spanish).

Tips and Practical Information

  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Departure and arrival: Ranch in Finca San José.
  • Minimum number of people per tour: 1.
  • The maximum number of people per visit: 10.

Departure place(s)

Finca San José main ranch

Departure time(s)

  • 8.00 AM
  • 9.00 AM
  • 10.00 AM
  • 11.00 AM
  • 12.00 PM
  • 1.00 PM
  • 2.00 PM
  • 3.00 PM
  • 4.00 PM


Participants Price
1 US$ 18.00 per person
2 US$ 18.00 per person
3 US$ 18.00 per person
4 US$ 18.00 per person
5 US$ 18.00 per person
6 US$ 18.00 per person
7 US$ 18.00 per person
8 US$ 18.00 per person
9 US$ 18.00 per person
10 US$ 18.00 per person

Terms and Conditions

General Conditions Finca San José

Cancellation Without Penalty:
Cancellations made at leats 24 hours prior to tour day will not incur in any penalties.

Cancellation Penalties:
Cancellations made with less than 24 hours prior to tour day will be charged 50% of the reservation amount. In case of no-use of the reserved service, the 50% of the total amount of the tour will be charged. These amounts will be additionals to the 10% reservation (no refundable) already payed to assure the booking.