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Language School

Located in the heart of Central America, Nicaragua is one of the many countries on the continent where the Spanish language dominates. There are over 300 million native Spanish speakers worldwide, and even in non-Spanish countries this language is frequently being introduced by migrants and other visitors.

Being able to speak Spanish can be very useful, especially in a country like Nicaragua where a large part of the population speaks nothing but this language. Not only is it practical when traveling throughout the country, but it will also enrich the experience, now being able to actually communicate well with the local Nicaraguan population.

However, Nicaragua does not only offer options to learn Spanish, but there are also possibilities to learn other foreign languages including English, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese, among others.

One option is to study a foreign language at a language school. There is a wide variety of such schools, spread throughout the country. Here, visitors can learn Spanish or another language from scratch or, if they have already taken classes before, improve their grammar or pronunciation. There are several types of schools, but most of them are small-scale schools where groups are kept to a minimum. Generally, private classes are also offered the language schools can also arrange housing for their students, frequently with a local family to further surround the student with the Spanish language (which is great when studying Spanish) and Nicaraguan culture. Generally , prices are very accessible and the time schedules flexible.

The following section will be gradually expanded with information of language schools from throughout Nicaragua. To learn more about a particular school, click on the name to open a complete profile.

Name Location Services
Spanish in Matagalpa with Heysel
  • Matagalpa
  • Spanish lessons
  • Cultural/Social activities
  • Homestay