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Finca San José

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Finca San José has 607 acres on the foothills of Mombacho Volcano, and is managed by the Cooperative Ricardo Morales Avilés, committed to show their lands as a touristic attraction in the surroundings of Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve.

The cooperative was formed over 30 years ago by a farmer group from Miravalle County, engaged in farming. In 2012 they discovered the potential of their land and began making tours with some tourists who came alone to the area, looking for monkeys and other wildlife.

In recent years they began to make from this a formal work, and continue growing to be prepared and equipped to provide a better service to tourists.


Empalme Guanacaste 1.5 km al Sur.
Contiguo a Fundación Cocibolca.


  • La Uva trail and La Ceiba viewpoint

    This experience allows you to walk among the woodlands and cultivated areas, see rural life and breathtaking views of different attractions in Masaya appreciable from the slopes of Mombacho Volcano.

    The entry is at the second door from San José farm and here starts La Uva trail where...

  • Los Guanacastes trail

    Los Guanacastes trail is located in the buffer zone of Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve, on San Jose farm. It has a pleasant, fresh and natura ambiancel. In this area you can see coffee plantations and animals such as howler monkeys, birds of different species such as the mockingbird, quail, oriole...

  • El Nancite trail and Loma Redonda Viewpoint

    The tour starts at the ranch in San Jose farm moving in a vehicle to the second entry gate to the ruins of the old property. There the story begins hiking to Nancite trail and Loma Redonda Viewpoint.

    On the trail you can enjoy a cool and pleasant climate. You can see giant forest trees, variety...

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