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The Cooperativa Agropecuaria El Ventarrón (Agricultural Coopertive) offers tours at the Masaya Volcano National Park and to La Sabanita community, a little known region with beautiful landscapes.

The cooperative is integrated by people from La Sabanita and Camilo Ortega communities. The tourist activity began as an initiative developed by the cooperative (whose major activity is farming) associated with the management of the volcano and community leaders. This project was created to reduce the negative environmental impact in the Masaya Volcano area. The purpose is to present different options to obtain incomes through tourism, prevent the destruction of the forest and follow best practices to conserve the environment.

-Horseback Riding, History of the community, Trails interpretation in and out of the Masaya Volcano National Park.


Costado Este de la Cancha de Basketball, 50 mts al Sur.
La Sabanita.


  • Horseback Riding to El Ventarron

    The tour begins on La Sabanita court, at the small town center of a rural area. The community is presented, as well as their lifestyle and efforts to preserve the environment. From here, the horseback riding journey starts to go directly to El Ventarrón.

    A former stop is made once entering...

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