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Apoyo Lagoon

Department: Masaya

Municipality: Catarina (view on map)

Type: Lagoons

7 km²



  • SELENE MOON wrote on Oct 6, 2014:

    it was awesome @ the Apoyo Lagoon.
    the water was very warm from the sun but it was awesome cool and refreshing.
    it is a real nature paradise. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeaninne wrote on Jan 19, 2008:

    I spent a day at Norome, it was an amazing experience if you are a nature lover,
    I had a great time.

  • chuck wrote on Mar 21, 2007:

    We spent a day there last year.. Had a really great time. The food and service were first class, where we stayed. But wear beach shoes when swimming or wading. the bottom near the shore is all small round rocks and painful to walk on. The water is clean and warm. I don't get many chances to swim in a Volcanic crater in Pennsylvania.

  • Dale wrote on Oct 18, 2006:

    Correction: There are restaurants around the rim but no hotels. There are places to stay down in the laguna and the road is paved all the way to the bottom. It does not become rough until you leave the intersection at the bottom of the lake where the roads fork. There are also many places to stay in nearby Granada which is 30 minutes away from the lake proper, not 15 minutes as most promoters of the area claim. It is very beautiful and well worth the trip.

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The Apoyo Lagoon, or Laguna de Apoyo, is one of the most pristine lagoons in Nicaragua. The lagoon was created when a volcano erupted hundreds of thousands of years ago. Nowadays, the lagoon is surrounded by green, tree-covered hills. The water is sky-blue and the water temperature is always great for swimming.

Some hotels in Apoyo:
San Simián
The Monkey Hut
Apoyo Resort
Estación Biológica
Albergue Pájaro Azul
Hostal Paradiso
Hotel Selva Azul
Laguna Beach Club
Pacaya Lodge and Spa

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  • Swimming in the Apoyo Lagoon
  • Scuba Diving at the Apoyo Lagoon
  • Horseback riding through the Bewitched Villages and the Apoyo Lagoon
  • Getting There

    Laguna de Apoyo is less than an hour from Managua. You should take the highway to Masaya (Carretera Masaya), and pass Masaya. At kilometer 37.5 you take a right (there are some signs, but do pay attention!). Keep following the road, and take a right where it stops and hits another road (this is after about 15 minutes from the highway). After maybe one minute you can enter the road that descends to the lagoon on your left.

    There are also buses that go to the lagoon, but not all of them go down all the way. Sometimes you'll have to walk the last path. Public transportation can be taken either in the Masaya Market or at the entrance of the lagoon, located in the Km 37.5.

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