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Natural Reserve Cerro Datanlí - El Diablo

Department: Jinotega

Municipality: Jinotega (view on map)

Type: Natural Reserves

Predominant Forest
Cloud forest
Type of Reserve
Public Natural Reserve
5848 ha



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The Natural Reserve Cerro Datanli - El Diablo, is a high massif which is interposed between the cities of Matagalpa and Jinotega, limiting to the North with the Apanas, on the East by the upper course of the Tuma River, on the South by the Valley of Matagalpa and West with the valleys of Parsila and Jinotega.

Among the most recent economic activity developed in the reserve, the ecotourism is generating more and more revenue to the area, which is so rich in natural resources: primary forests, exotic birds, lush vegetation and extremely pleasant climate.

With an area of 14,450 acres, it presents a range of between 700 and 1.680 m altitude. The Natural Reserve Cerro Datanli – El Diablo is a protected Area, created on November 4, 1991.

In total, there are approximately 300 owners. The owners are composed by small, medium and large producers, who have developed agricultural production systems adapted to different agro-ecological conditions, such as: coffee and other productive areas such as: basic grains, vegetables and livestock.

The Natural Reserve is known for the biological wealth of fauna and flora of the tropical cloud forest, economic values representing water and productive resources and the socio-cultural and environmental importance of its environment.

This protected Area is considered as an ecosystem in danger of extinction, due to its degradation caused by natural phenomena, deforestation and changes in the use of the land use that its inhabitants have developed gradually.

The Natural Reserve is part of one of the most mountainous and broken Nicaragua regions. It is located in the Dariense mountain range composed by high mountains, steep hills, sectioned Plains and valleys located between the departments of Matagalpa and Jinotega.

Touristic Activities
Since this protected area has a diversity of natural resources, the visitant can perform various touristic activities such as: observation of exotic birds, hiking and farm or coffee tours.

If visitors want to spend more time in the area they can stay at La Bastilla Ecolodge, where the client will get various services that will facilitate the trip.

Getting There

The access roads to the Reserve are trails of macadam of all time , accessibility depends on the area to which you want to access, since the area where is located the Natural Reserve has public and private access roads that facilitate the penetration of vehicles to the North, South, East and West side; the main access routes are:

The acces to the road La Fundadora – Esmeralda – La Parranda begins from the Matagalpa-Jinotega highway at the junction of La Fundadora and allows the entrance to the South, East and West side.

The highway Venecia – La Trampa, which starts at the Jinotega – El Cuá road, in the junction of Venecia, allows the access to the North and East side.

Public Transportation
If you want to make the journey by public transport, you Mayoreo Market Bus Terminal and buy the ticket to Jinotega. You can travel in routing transport or typically known as “bus ruteado”, which makes strategic stops during the trip or in an express bus, which travels direct. Then, when you arrive to Jinotega, you should take a bus to Empalque Jiguina, Pantasma road.

The person who wants to visit the area may also contact La Bastilla Ecolodge which can provide taxi service from Jinotega to the Ecolodge.

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