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Fray Odorico massive event modified because of coronavirus

Equipo Editorial | Mar 19, 2020

Massive event on 2014. | Photographer: Cortesía/Courtesy

The congregation expecting around 80 thousand people will no longer be massive.

Around 80 thousand people were expected to join the 30th commemoration of the death of Fray Odorico D’Andrea in San Rafael del Norte town. However, the event has been modified and will no longer be a massive congregation due to the health emergency of coronavirus, which first official detected infected person has been announced on March 19 by the Nicaraguan government.

Fray Damian Muratori, Tepeyac Retreat Center director, ask the people to avoid large groups peregrination to this center, were the Odorico D’Andrea santuary is located. Although, any peregrine coming by car, horse or walk will be received, Muratori said.

Fray Odorico is considered a saint by thousand of people of this northern place in Nicaragua. His death commemoration coincided this year with the Our Lady of Fatima image transfer from the Jinotega’s bishop to the Matagalpa’s one. The virgin image arrived rom Portugal this year, and has visited many places in the country.

During the event this year, to be held on March 22, a Peace Monument build by the Franciscan Order in San Rafael del Norte will be unveiled. The monument include the image of Odorico D’Andrea, Saint Francis of Assis and several animal species, showing the love link between Franciscan and Nature.

According to Fray Damian, the massive event will now be held after the health crisis will be overcome. Every year, during these events honoring Fray Odorico, new miracles attributed to his intercession are informed. Fray Odorico body remain supernatural intact in a burial chamber inside the Tepeyac center.