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Sixteenth International Theater Festival

Cinthia Membreño | Jul 14, 2011

Imagen promocional del evento.

Groups from Nicaragua, Colombia, Cuba, Portugal, Spain, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala will perform during this festival.

One of the most important theater festivals of the year will be held again in Managua. The Sixteenth International Theater Festival will include the participation of Nicaraguan, Colombian, Cuban, Portuguese, Spanish, Honduran, Salvadoran and Guatemalan groups. The event will start on Friday 22, at 7:30 pm, and will have its closure after a week. There will be presentations in three theaters (C$120) and a park, in addition to free concerts.

According to a press release given by Rene Medina, Responsible of Communications for the festival, the event will be held in honor of the Nicaraguan singer Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy "due to its artistic career, his valuable contribution to music and national culture." In addition, the release also informs that the homage will officially be made on Tuesday, July 26, with the presentation of the play "Como piedras", by the Spanish group El Pont Flotant.

Just like the previous editions, the main site will be the Justo Rufino Garay Theater. There will also be other presentations at the Victor Romeo Theater, the Pilar Aguirre Experimental Theater, which is located inside the Ruben Dario National Theater, and Las Palmas Park (for free). The international groups that are coming for this year's edition are Teatro Tierra (Colombia), Teatro Bambú (Honduras), El Pont Flotant (Spain), Escena Norte (El Salvador), Rayuela Teatro Independiente (Guatemala), Lendias D'Encantar (Portugal) y Teatro D'dos (Cuba).

Nicaragua, on the other hand, will be represented by the groups Comedia Nacional de Nicaragua, Nuestra Cara (Colectivo de Mujeres de Matagalpa), Teatro de Títeres Guachipilín, Teatro Cha, Escuela de Teatro Justo Rufino Garay, Grupo de Títeres Zocataca y el Coro Ángel Torrella y Orquesta Juvenil Margarita Navarro. Furthermore, there will be free concerts given by Gabriela Baca, Perrozompopo, Clara Grün, Marc Cortina, Moises Gadea, Vivian López and Luis Pérez after every performance.

The festival will also include professional workshops. The first one, named "Notes on the theater of operations Alejandro Catalán", will be given by Amando Polo and the second one, entitled "The training workshop, presence, action and truth" will be given by Joan Collado, Jesús Muñoz and Pau Pons, members of the Spanish group Le Pont Flotant. All interested people must send a message to and programació The second workshop requires a letter of intention and CV.

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